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New tech Package Error notice
  • Write : HIS
  • Date : 17-12-06 11:59
  • HIT : 4,897
  • NO : 879

Good to see you, Pilots
Heroes In the Sky.

The error is confirmed among the new tech package items added on November 30th, and the following instructions will be provided.


Some items in the new tech package are unavailable

<Target of compensation>
2017.11.30 ID after the inspection from 2017.12.07 until the regular inspection of the new tech package purchase history

<Remuneration contents>
Once per ID with a history of purchasing new tech packages, you will receive the following items

Package to be replaced after check-in July 1, 2017
Strengthen 12 Stabilizer x 1
Ring strengthening stabilizer x 10
Illusion Enhancement Protection x 10

We are currently investigating any errors regarding the purchase of the package and will inform you of the date of payment at a later date.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.