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occupation war cooperative event 2week notice
  • Write : HIS
  • Date : 17-08-03 10:09
  • HIT : 70,327
  • NO : 794

Are you seeking for faster, higher, and stronger aircraft? 
We have  occupation war cooperative event for pilots.

We will show you the results of the pre-occupation cooperative event 2 parking progress from July 28 to August 03 regular check.

Goal kills: 1000
Final kills: 2062

[Reward Item]

Coolant 3D x 3
High Tech Pack x 5
Spectre set Box x 5
Spectre set Box II x 5
Upgrade Lv9 Stabilizer x 1
Super Imp. Stabilizer x 3

* Please be careful not to count events when you leave the game during the pre-occupation.

* Event items will be paid to the first accessed character of the account with the participation record before occupation of the Week.

** Please note that if you can not achieve more than one kilo per week, you will be excluded from the event.

**Event compensation items are automatically expired after 30 days from the date of the payment.

Thank you.