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Flowers on the battlefield
  • Write : HIS
  • Date : 17-04-13 10:05
  • HIT : 8,583
  • NO : 709

Hello HIS.

I am very cold and the winter is gone and the annals are complete.
Spring has come to feel the heat.

I am always thankful to all those who love H.I.S.
I want to proceed with the event.

Flowers on the battlefield

There are flowers in the battlefield.
Please collect the tulips falling from the sky.

◆ Event Information

1. Shoot down the tulips that are dropped from the previous mission and acquire tulip items.
2. Acquire tulip items and exchange them from the tree of life to the tulip box.
3. You can also win a tulip box with victory reward before occupation.

◆ Date and Time

From Tuesday, April 13 regular check until Tuesday, April 27 regular check

◆ Remarks

On Tuesday, April 27, tulip items and tulip boxes will be deleted at regular inspection.
Please exchange before that

Have a fun April with a flower event on the battlefield ~