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AttackTactics item recall announcement
  • Write : HIS
  • Date : 17-02-14 02:50
  • HIT : 27,919
  • NO : 665

Good morning.
Heroes In the Sky.

There was a problem in Gem Gacha sold from 2017.02.02 ~ 2017.02.09 that combat manual 2 defenses and attack items appeared. This item has been recovered as a balance issue in the past, and will be collected according to the following contents, please refrain from using the item.

Item list

Tactical Manual 2 Defense - 7 days
Tactical Manual 2 Attack - 7 days

Method and date of recall

February 16, 2017 After the check Tactical Manual 2 Defense, Tactical Manual 2 Attack Item Recall

* Retrieved tactical manual 2 defenses and attack items are replaced with attack manual 2 defense and attack items. Those who already use the item will be changed to the effects of the attacak manual.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.