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Fall Festival Event
  • Write : HIS
  • Date : 19-09-05 10:00
  • HIT : 981
  • NO : 1,341
Good morning.
Heroes In the Sky.

In 2019, Fall is approaching.

I have not had a meal with my relatives for a long time, and eat delicious food
On holiday, please have a good time with H.I.S event.

◆ Chuseok Evening Event ◆

◆ Period: From Thursday, September 05, 2019 periodic inspection until until Thursday, Sept 19 regular check

▶ Collect Songpyeon
▷ If you shoot down enemies from all missions, you can acquire [Songpyeon]. Collect Songpions
Exchange with the useful items in the tree of life.

▶ Occupation before fall
▷ You can not give up [Pre-occupation] even on holidays? After the end of the event,
We will pay you a reward item.

20 times before the occupation - Tech Pack x 10

30 times before the occupation - Tech Pack x 20

70 times pre-occupation - Upgrade Lv9 Stabilizer x 1
                              Imp. Stabilizer F x 5

** Please note that the sub-compensation of the event reward item before the occupation is not paid.

I hope you have a pleasant H.I.S. with the event.
Thank you.