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occupation war cooperative event notice
  • Write : HIS
  • Date : 19-05-02 10:04
  • HIT : 3,002
  • NO : 1,246

Are you seeking for faster, higher, and stronger aircraft? 
We have  occupation war cooperative event for pilots.

From 05.02 regular inspection to05.16, we will pay the items to all those who participated before the occupation if we reach the specified number of kill by adding all the piles of both paired and united sides in the weekly occupation for 3 weeks.
Please refer to the following for details.

■Period: 2018.05.02 ~ 2018.05.16

[1 Week]
2019.05.02 ~ 2018.05.09

kills: 100

[Reward Item]

Dyna BF-1 x 1
Dyna BA-2 x 1
Dyna BC-3 x 1
Gear Protect +12 x 3
Imp. Stabilizer III x 6

[2 Week]
2019.05.09 ~ 2019.05.16

kills: 500

[Reward Item]

Special Avatar x 1
Extrartor x 3
Spectre Bomb x 1
Demon Bomb x 1
Devil Bomb x 1
Gear Protect F x 5
Imp. Stabilizer F x 5

* Item Reward is 05.16 

* Please be careful not to count events when you leave the game during the pre-occupation.

* Event items will be paid to the first accessed character of the account with the participation record before occupation of the Week.

** Please note that if you can not achieve more than one kilo per week, you will be excluded from the event.