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Upgrade support Event!
  • Write : HIS
  • Date : 18-12-06 08:41
  • HIT : 210
  • NO : 1,133

Greetings, Pilots!

We announce for Equipment Upgrade support event

*Event Period: 2018.12.06 ~ 2018.12.13

*Event Detail:

During the event period, if you are equipped +10 item on your character, your item will be upgraded to +11 one after the maintenance on December 13

*About the event:

ㆍUpgrade Support Event items are only for guns, bombs.

ㆍOnly +10 items are applicable for this event.

ㆍOnly the character who owns +10 items with a proven record is applicable during the event period.

ㆍIf +10 item is equipped on the other character, it"s not applicable.

ㆍIf +9 items are being reinforced to +10, it"s applicable.

ㆍIf +10 items were moved or sold and back to your own character, it"s not applicable.

ㆍ+10 items that are moved to public warehouse, trade, or mailbox are not applicable.

ㆍAll +10 equipped items in Hangar 1 and 2 are applicable.

ㆍItems that are equipped on wingman are not applicable.

ㆍUnequipped items after the maintenance are not applicable.

ㆍBefore the maintenance, please log out from the game when your character is equipped with +10 items.

Thank you